As of Friday, I will no longer work for UNT.

I have accepted a job in Irving doing desktop support for a company called E-talk. The commute is only 30 minutes and its a very casual, fun environment. :D

I have worked for UNT non-stop since '97. Leaving is very scary... Moving from job to job within UNT was never that bad...there was always something that was familiar. Everything (Network, people, rules, etc.) is going to be different this time. I am going to miss having lunch with my friends.

:D Im sure the substantial raise will make up for it though.


Does anyone know, or know how to find, a good DJ? The wedding plans are coming along well, but im still lacking in the music :(

To the Future! (Happy Ending Edition)

spazzy444 and I are now engaged!

I have spent all week in pretty much every jewelry store within a 20 mile radius looking for the perfect ring. Its an absolutely beautiful white-gold and sapphire piece. Its dainty and simple, but not plain. I think Spaz will have a picture up tonight if she can get a good one...

After she got home from work last night, I took her to Applebee's for desert and a drink (That was our very first date, 3.5 years ago). After a little while, I handed her the box, which she was unable to open herself. hehe I put the ring on her, and she cried. It wasnt the grand proposal that some people like to plan, but it fit our relationship...especially since I think she saw a business card that I left out on the counter. spazzy444 ALWAYS ruins my surprises.

So, No date yet or anything, Stay tuned for more!



You are never EVER to leave me home alone again. Boredom does bad things to people...there was blood involved, and much pain.

Lunch! Yum!

I really like our little local Indian restaurant. I go there about once a week...the owner recognizes me by now =)

I tried to meet up with the crew for lunch today, but they showed up half an hour late =( Thats really hard on me with only half an hour for lunch. hehe Come to think...that happened the last time we tried to get together there too. Someone remind me not to leave till yall get there next time ;-)

Megastar 2.0


Blue Man Group is back in town on Oct 14!! Im a poor bastard, so I just got tickets in the nose-bleed seats, but hey...


blu3warri0r and I went to play some Battletech last night. Anyone remember the old Virtual World pods? These are an upgrade to those... Basically its a little cockpit you sit in with different instrument readouts clustered around the monitor. You have to clear weapon jams, put out fires, change coolant settings, etc, while drivig a 70 ton mech with people shooting at you :)

We were expecting to just be shooting at each other all evening, but it turns out that wednesday is 'Heat night.' Basically thats a little leage type of thing they are doing. After being shown around, we joined Clan Hachima and tryed to figure out the game. Tarkis would fucking love this game... Its like a big game of risk in space. There are territories to take over and defend, and tech to find. You can make deals with other clans, or hire merchs to help defend your stuff.

It was really cool. A little too much downtime for my taste (I just wanted to shoot stuff), but they did tell us it was a slow night...early in the planning stage kindof thing... We are going to try to go back next wednesday and give it another go. Hopefully itll pick up a little.