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blu3warri0r and I went to play some Battletech last night. Anyone remember the old Virtual World pods? These are an upgrade to those... Basically its a little cockpit you sit in with different instrument readouts clustered around the monitor. You have to clear weapon jams, put out fires, change coolant settings, etc, while drivig a 70 ton mech with people shooting at you :)

We were expecting to just be shooting at each other all evening, but it turns out that wednesday is 'Heat night.' Basically thats a little leage type of thing they are doing. After being shown around, we joined Clan Hachima and tryed to figure out the game. Tarkis would fucking love this game... Its like a big game of risk in space. There are territories to take over and defend, and tech to find. You can make deals with other clans, or hire merchs to help defend your stuff.

It was really cool. A little too much downtime for my taste (I just wanted to shoot stuff), but they did tell us it was a slow night...early in the planning stage kindof thing... We are going to try to go back next wednesday and give it another go. Hopefully itll pick up a little.

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