zero_interrupt (zero_interrupt) wrote,

To the Future! (Happy Ending Edition)

spazzy444 and I are now engaged!

I have spent all week in pretty much every jewelry store within a 20 mile radius looking for the perfect ring. Its an absolutely beautiful white-gold and sapphire piece. Its dainty and simple, but not plain. I think Spaz will have a picture up tonight if she can get a good one...

After she got home from work last night, I took her to Applebee's for desert and a drink (That was our very first date, 3.5 years ago). After a little while, I handed her the box, which she was unable to open herself. hehe I put the ring on her, and she cried. It wasnt the grand proposal that some people like to plan, but it fit our relationship...especially since I think she saw a business card that I left out on the counter. spazzy444 ALWAYS ruins my surprises.

So, No date yet or anything, Stay tuned for more!

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